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Erasmus+ Strategy

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Our Erasmus+ consortium gathers 3 higher education institutions in agronomy, agri-food and the environment : Junia ISA at Lille, PURPAN at Toulouse and ISARA at Lyon and Avignon.

Each institution owns the Erasmus+ Charter. The consortium aims to organize and financially support study and internship mobility, as well as teaching and staff mobility within a network of over 150 partner universities throughout the world.

The consortium aims at:

  • Maximizing the way international departments work in the 3 institutions,
  • Gaining visibility and attractiveness from international partners,
  • Offering students more opportunities for quality international mobility opportunities,
  • Integrating International students in our student populations,
  • Internationalizing curricula and educational and administrative teams.

The consortium was created in 1984. It has been cooperatively organizing the international activities of the 3 institutions since 1996. The organization was approved by the European Union in 2004 and the present application aims at renewing certification and recognition of the consortium as being a “Higher Education Erasmus+ consortium”.

The Consortium common international policy is defined by the International Commission composed of the 3 International Relations Directors of the members.

PURPAN as the consortium coordinator, is in charge of the administrative and financial management of the mobility projects.

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