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Internationally recognised Master of Science

The Master’s degree corresponds to 5 years of training after secondary school.

It is usually prepared in 2 years after a Bachelor’s degree. It is possible to enter directly into a Master’s degree, you must apply directly to our admissions department. Master’s degrees are offered in partnership with European partner schools in order to provide a complete and diversified education.

MSc Sustainable Food Systems

It is developed on the basis of advice from the job market and designed to provide graduates with a strong basis within sustainable food production combined with an individual and international profile. Our European double degree programme is a two-year international master’s degree aiming at educating future academics and managers for food companies and organisations to manage food processing and other food production related activities in a sustainable way.

AGROECOLOGY (Management of Agroecosystems)

We propose two MSc programmes in Agroecology with different partners.Farming and food systems in Europe and abroad are increasingly recognised as closely linked with environmental, social and ethical issues.

The Agroecology programme is aimed at international students with a strong interest in sustainable agriculture and agroecosystem management. Students will get the opportunity to understand structure and function of complex agroecosystems. The program teaches a multidisciplinary approach in which natural science is combined with social science and economics. Action learning and action research through cooperation with farmers, food system professionals and consumers will shorten the distance between practice and theory. The Master of Science Agroecology is designed as a two-year programme curriculum including a practical thesis project.

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